Solution Provider and Supplier for Industrial Sectors

We focus on the delivery of quality industrial products and technologies from reputable manufacturers. We provide services related to planning, delivery and assembly. We provide energy audits of industrial distribution systems complemented by design and implementation of their insulation. We provide monitoring of steam traps.

Energy Sector
and Heating Industry

  • Dalkia – Veolia
  • ALPIQ Generation s.r.o.
  • Unipetrol RPA - energetika
  • Sokolovská uhelná - energetika
  • ČEZ – elektrárna Počerady
  • ČEZ – elektrárna Dukovany
  • ČEZ – elektrárna Dětmarovice
  • ČEZ – elektrárna Prunéřov
  • MVV Energie CZ
  • Pražská teplárenská
  • Teplárna Brno
  • Ško-energo
  • Plzeňská energetika
  • Plzeňská teplárenská
  • United energy
  • Teplárna Tábor
  • C-Energy Bohemia
  • Teplárna Písek
  • Teplárna Strakonice

and Chemical Industry

  • Unipetrol RPA – Petrochemie
  • Unipetrol RPA – Česká rafinérská
  • Paramo
  • Koramo
  • Sokolovská uhelná
  • Hexion
  • Diamo
  • Spolana Neratovice
  • Lovochemie
  • Spolchemie
  • Synthesia
  • Precheza
  • Lenzing (Biocel) Paskov
  • Borsodchem MCHZ
  • Procter & Gamble
  • Synthos Kralupy


  • Eurotherm Tábor
  • CB&I
  • Unis
  • Kovoprojekta
  • ČKD Blansko
  • Invelt
  • Janka Radotín
  • Metalimpex
  • SÓR Libchavy
  • Škoda Transportation
  • Pentar
  • ProMinent Systems

Food, Pharmaceutical
and Paper Industry

  • Interpharma Praha
  • Mondi Štětí
  • Biocel Paskov
  • Mondi Ružomberok
  • Papírny Větřní
  • Plzeňský Prazdroj
  • Budějovický Budvar
  • Kofola
  • Zentiva – Sanofi
  • Mlékárna Klatovy

Water Industry

  • Hawle
  • Jihomoravská armaturka
  • AVK Vodka
  • Veolia
  • Ondeo
  • Energie AG
  • K&K Technology

Reliable Company with Long Tradition

RUML Company Ltd. was founded in 1992 by Vladimir Ruml in order to create a dealership of Klinger products in the Czech Republic.

With the development of a stable customer network also began expanding the range of products of other major companies such as Armstrong International, W.L.GORE, Posi-flat and more.

In 2011 the company began to expand its team. The two older sons, David Ruml and Filip Ruml, took up the management of the company.

Since 2013 the company has a steady annual increase in turnover of 14%. Since 2015, the company began offering services in the field of industrial energy audits, monitoring of steam traps and thermal insulation of industrial distribution systems.

RUML Company Ltd. is an important and trusted supplier of gaskets and valves for numerous czech and multinational industrial concerns.

RUML Company Ltd. is a reliable partner and supplier in its field since 1992.

Design Values

  • Bellows Material: 304ss – 316ss – 321ss (2 ply)
  • Flanged Material: Carbon Steel
  • Design Pressure: 16 barg
  • Design Temperature: 400°C



Vibration absorbing expansion joints are manufactured from multi-ply bellows to absorb and dampen vibrations. They are ideal for pump connections, exhaust engine lines, in applications where system temperature is too high for rubber expansion joints.

Design Values

  • Bellows Material: 304ss, 316ss, 321ss
  • Balance of Materials: Carbon Steel
  • Design Pressure: 16 barg
  • Design Temperature: 400°C



Boru hatlarında, termal hareketlere ek olarak, deprem ve heyelan nedeniyle oluşan mekanik hareketler de gözlemlenebilir. Bu tür hareketler binaların boruların geçtiği dilatasyon noktalarında önemli hasarlara neden olabilir. Bu hareketlerin absorbe edilmesinde ve tesisatlarda oluşabilecek hasarların önlenmesinde Kardan Mafsallı Deprem Kompansatörleri kullanılır.

Design Values

  • Bellows Material: 304ss, 316ss, 321ss
  • Balance of Materials: Carbon Steel
  • Design Temperature: 400°C



  • Externally pressurized expansion joints are used if there would be large axial movements.
  • This type of expansion joint pressurizes the bellows externally, eliminating column instability concerns for the bellows.
  • This configuration provides an outside cover protecting bellows from external elements and inside pipe acts as a liner protecting bellows from flow medium and and streamlines the flow.

Design Values

  • Bellows Material: 304ss, 316ss, 321ss
  • Balance of Materials: Carbon Steel
  • Design Pressure: 16 barg
  • Design Temperature: 400°C



In addition to thermal movements in pipe lines, there are mechanical movements due to earthquakes, ground settlements and landslides. These type of movements can cause significiant damage to the piping systems in dilatation points of buildings, pipe junctions between vessels and boilers.

These mechanical movements can be absorbed by using seismic expansion joints.

Design Values

  • Bellows Material: 304ss, 321ss, 316ss
  • Balance Material: Carbon Steel or Stainless Steel
  • Design Pressure: 16 barg
  • Design Temperature: 400°C
  • Design Movement: ±25 mm



  • Deformations and noise resulting from thermal stresses are prevented
  • Internal sleeve prevents pressure losses and misalignments while external cover prevents external damages
  • Installation is easy and quick Connection type is threaded inside for diameters up to and including DN50 (2”)
  • Significant displacements due to thermal movements on central heating pipes create thermal stresses resulting in bending of pipes and irritating noise